Well, maybe not…

Previously I stated I was going to soon be getting a Quality Control unit from Klippel.  Not anymore…

Instead, I am now getting an R&D Distortion Analyzer (DA)!

Currently, my DA is being calibrated and should be shipped to me soon, along with my measurement microphone.  I’ll update the site with pictures and details once everything arrives.

Get ready for some driver data like you’ve never seen.  It just got real…  😉

– Erin


2 thoughts on “Well, maybe not…

  1. You misspelled speaker in the banner near the top of the page. Would love to see you test a clarion drz-9255, but I know you need one to test. I have an extra one but it has no power supply. I would be willing to send it if someone had a spare supply.
    Peas out.

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