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Do Not Try This At Home.

Just because data published here may indicate a particular component can withstand some particular test I have conducted, you shouldn’t take this as an indication that you can drop it from a roof while on fire and it will survive as well (the example is supposed to be exaggerated to get the point across).

In other words, I am not responsible for anything you do that causes harm to a product you have (or, for that matter, anything you own/don’t own/touch/look at/etc). I am not responsible for any anomalies you experience.  If you test a speaker in a seemingly similar manner to mine and you fry it, don’t blame me.  Like everything, there’s a certain level of caution one must adhere to.  I will often push components to pretty substantial limits so we all understand what it’s capable of.  This is done for the purpose of collecting data with an end goal of wisdom.  Because of that, some drivers may fail under test while others don’t; even if the same test methods are used (and they almost always will be).

I provide the data for research and sometimes that data doesn’t necessarily mean you should expect the same results. Use the data wisely. Don’t be a bonehead. I hate I have to say this, but you never know what people will do.


Linking and Pasting Data From This Site:

You are more than welcome to link the data and even copy the images directly from my site.  However, do not modify my images in any way (this includes removing my watermark signature from the bottom of each image).  I want the data to be shared freely, although I want the origin to be known in case the image/data doesn’t tell the story on its own and viewers need to view the source for further information.

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