ScanSpeak Revelator 12M/4631-G00 4.5″ Midrange



Up for test is the Scan-Speak Revelator 12M/4631G-00 4.5″ Midrange.
Product specs can be found here.


Small Signal Parameters and Impedance

Results as measured via Dayton’s DATs measurement tool.  Which is a very little handy tool to have.  😉

  • f(s)= 84.11 Hz
  • R(e)= 3.68 Ohms
  • Z(max)= 35.95 Ohms
  • Q(ms)= 5.242
  • Q(es)= 0.598
  • Q(ts)= 0.536
  • V(as)= 2.159 liters (0.076 cubic feet)
  • L(e)= 0.32 mH
  • n(0)= 0.20 %
  • SPL= 85.21 1W/1m
  • M(ms)= 6.18 grams
  • C(ms)= 0.58 mm/N
  • BL= 4.48

12m impedance

Frequency Response

Frequency Response and the following Harmonic Distortion measurements were taken using Dayton’s OmniMic measurement system.

The frequency response measurements below are on-axis (0 degrees) and off-axis (15, 30, 60 degrees), measured at 2.83v/1m.

12m FR

Harmonic Distortion Testing


Maroon – Fundamental

Blue – THD

Red – 2nd Order Distortion

Pink – 3rd Order Distortion

Green – 4th order

Teal – 5th order

Testing done in the nearfield to emulate 90dB, 96dB, and 102dB output at 1 meter.

12m HD9012m HD9612m hd102


The frequency response linearity is really quite nice, maintaining a fairly flat profile out to 10khz.  The average sensitivity at 2.83v/1m is about 88dB and the response on-axis fluctuates only by about -3dB with no severe cone breakup issues outside the typical passband of beaming (approximately 2khz).  The off-axis response is very nice, maintaining a smooth transition much further than anyone is likely to cross this driver.  At 30 degrees off-axis at 5kHz the output is down about 4dB and at 60 degrees it is down about 12dB.

At 102dB output, distortion reaches 3% THD below ~120hz.  Distortion dips below 1% THD at about 220hz and dips down to 0.50% at about 400hz before a rise in THD begins around 700hz, reaching a maximum THD level of 1.80% at approximately 1.73kHz.

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  1. That 12M is impressive, for sure. Excellent off axis FR for a very nice polar response and great distortion performance even at spirited output levels.

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