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Car audio has a rich history filled with industry and hobbyists alike.  People who have pushed the envelope with their installs, technology, products, and intelligence.  Their contributions will always be regarded in some fashion; whether it be sharing knowledge via a forum, sharing experiences in install tricks, creating new products to help us get closer to our goals of a great car audio system, or continuing to push the competition aspect of the hobby.  With the vast amount of knowledge available I asked some of my friends who many consider “heavy hitters” in the community a few fun questions to see how their different origins and histories influence their perspective on the hobby today.


1) What is your name/age/education/occupation?
Eric Stevens, 53, Founder of Image Dynamics and speaker engineer starting a new brand “Stevens Audio”.

Note:  This article discusses Eric’s new company Stevens Audio:


2) What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time?
Can’t narrow it to just 5. I love a lot of different music.


3) What is your favorite thing about car audio? What keeps you in the hobby?
 Getting lost in the music and sharing it with others. I love music and audio is what keeps me in it as well as its become way more than a hobby.


4) What was your first stereo system? What was your first real attempt at a sound quality system?
First real system was helping put a Concord tape deck and amp with Pyle 6940 in my friend’s 79 Camaro. First real attempt at a competition SQ system was in a 86 Toyota xtracab PU using Dynaudio 17W75 with Dynaudio D28 tweeters and Crunch 10″ subwoofers in an ported Isobaric configuration using Coustic amps and Audio Control processors.


5) What are your favorite car audio memories? Any funny/cool stories that really make you smile when you look back?
Favorite memory was at 1996 IASCA Finals where with Image Dynamics competitors we had huge success. Many funny things happened over the years from sneaking beer with David Rivera (Fishman) into a Soundquake event, to celebrating at Spring Break with a large group and consuming copious quantities of food and tequila.


6) Things have changed a great deal in 15 years, … even 5 years. What do you think is around the corner for the sound quality car audio scene?
I would like to see the IASCA and other competitions grow again.


CA&E - July 1993 - "Installations - Company Car"

CA&E – July 1993 – “Installations – Company Car”


The picture above is from Car Audio & Electronics’ July 1993 article “Installations – Company Car” featuring Eric’s famed 1993 Mercury Sable build with commentary from the man himself.  You can find the article here.

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