Merry Christmas!

I haven’t posted in a while and just wanted to give a small update.


I currently have a few driver tests coming up.  I am working with to provide reviews and will be linking those reviews on my site as I go.  This allows me access to some drivers which are typically out of the scope of most of testing.  This allows me to be a bit more diverse in my tests and provide you with more data on drivers you may not be aware of or be curious about.  Up first is the GR Research SW-12-04 Subwoofer and Rythmik A370PEQ Amplifier.  The subwoofer has a dedicated voice coil for the amplifier’s servo feedback circuit.  I have tested the raw subwoofer driver itself and am pleased with the results.  However, this kit’s pudding is the servo system.  I have analyzed and soon will be posting data regarding the subwoofer’s performance with and without the servo circuit active.  Look for that in the next couple weeks.

On deck from my own finances are the Aura Sound NS3 Full Range driver and JL C5-400cm midrange driver.  I have ordered a small bundle of the NS3’s for my own personal experimenting with multiple channel stereo and will be sure to post data from one of them here.  The JL Audio’s C5 line 4″ midrange; the C5-400cm data will be posted sometime in the next month or two, time permitting.  I have been running this driver in my car the past couple months and have been really impressed with the performance in the 250-3khz passband (using LR4 crossovers on each end).  This was one of the few times I’ve ran a driver without knowing how it performs objectively so I’m especially curious to see how my own subjective thoughts compare to the objective data.

As time passes, I will be providing data for drivers such as the Fountek FR88, Scan Speak 18WU, and others.  So, be on the lookout for more data throughout the new year.


Thanks for staying with me.

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