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Up for test is a Funkin Audio FASX-380 15″ Subwoofer.  The sub is a dual 4ohm voice coil, though for this test only one coil was connected.

Thiele-Small Parameters

Electrical Parameters
Re 3.75 Ohm electrical voice coil resistance at DC
Le 0.312 mH frequency independent part of voice coil inductance
L2 1.962 mH para-inductance of voice coil
R2 12.84 Ohm electrical resistance due to eddy current losses
Cmes 1273 µF electrical capacitance representing moving mass
Lces 25.48 mH electrical inductance representing driver compliance
Res 13.25 Ohm resistance due to mechanical losses
fs 27.9 Hz driver resonance frequency
Mechanical Parameters
(using add. mass)
Mms 151.278 g mechanical mass of driver diaphragm assembly including air load and voice coil
Mmd (Sd) 127.892 g mechanical mass of voice coil and diaphragm without air load
Rms 8.968 kg/s mechanical resistance of  total-driver losses
Cms 0.214 mm/N mechanical compliance of driver suspension
Kms 4.66 N/mm mechanical stiffness of driver suspension
Bl 10.9 N/A force factor (Bl product)
Loss factors
Qtp 0.654 total Q-factor considering all losses
Qms 2.961 mechanical Q-factor of driver in free air considering Rms only
Qes 0.838 electrical Q-factor of driver in free air considering Re only
Qts 0.653 total Q-factor considering Re and Rms only
Other Parameters
Vas 172.4831 l equivalent air volume of suspension
n0 0.432 % reference efficiency (2 pi-radiation using Re)
Lm 88.55 dB characteristic sound pressure level (SPL at 1m for 1W @ Re)
Lnom Zn missing dB nominal sensitivity (SPL at 1m for 1W @ Zn)
Sd 753.79 cm² diaphragm area

FA FASX-380 Magnitude of electric impedance Z(f)


Large Signal Analysis

Displacement Limits thresholds can be changed in Processing property page
X Bl @ Bl min=70% 8.4 mm Displacement limit due to force factor variation
X C @ C min=50% >15.7 mm Displacement limit due to compliance variation
X L @ Z max=17 % 12.4 mm Displacement limit due to inductance variation
X d @ d2=10% 48.9 mm Displacement limit due to IM distortion (Doppler)
Asymmetry (IEC 62458)
Ak 47.66 % Stiffness asymmetry Ak(Xpeak)
Xsym 3.13 mm Symmetry point of Bl(x) at maximal excursion

FA FASX-380 Force factor Bl (X) FA FASX-380 Bl Symmetry Range FA FASX-380 Mechanical compliance Cms (X) FA FASX-380 Stiffness of suspension Kms (X) FA FASX-380 Kms Symmetry Range FA FASX-380 Electrical inductance L(X, I=0) FA FASX-380 Inductance over current L(X=0, I)

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