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For those wondering about me, I’m happy to share some basic info:
I have a small family with two big dogs. I have a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Huntsville in Alabama.

I am in not directly affiliated with any audio companies and have never worked professionally in the audio field.

I currently work as a Systems Engineer for the Missile Defense Agency, after spending a few years as a NASA contractor. I’m just a hobbyist with a strong passion. It started out in car audio and grew legs and I’ve not been able to stop it since. My wife would tell you the same… sometimes it’s overbearing.

I cut my teeth as a tester for DIYmobileaudio.com.  That task began to wear on me so I ultimately had to hang up my hat in that role.  I had hoped to have my own site at some point to post data on but I didn’t necessarily plan on it happening anytime soon.  With some encouragement from my wife and fellow hobbyists, I pursued it a bit more and purchased the domain name.  With the help of Klippel, I was able to acquire what I consider the Rolls-Royce of test suites which kicked me into gear.

As a tester, I’ve been able to network with individuals in the audio industry who I would consider the top in their field.  One of whom – I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him out here – is Patrick Turnmire of RedRock Acoustics.  I had first heard of him when reading issues of Voice Coil Magazine where his Klippel tests are published.  When I took the role of testing for DIYMA, I reached out to Patrick for help and he graciously offered to share his considerable knowledge with me.  With his assistance, I was able to learn the ropes of testing and have since made it a point to be as thorough as possible in my test methods and procedures.  I still use resources such as him occasionally to spot check my methods.

So, I’m not an EE and I don’t work in the audio field…
So, what qualifies to perform audio testing? Simple… if you love something, you want to learn about it. If you have the ability to learn and are willing to accept criticisms of your methods then you have the potential to perform useful and meaningful tests that everyone can benefit from. I love music. I love finding out how things work and making sense of it on a broad scale. Mix those together and you’ve got this site.  I plan to continue to provide data as long as it’s fun.  Sometimes it can be trying but at the end of the day my desire to learn pushes me to continue.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey,

    I’m really impressed with the array of measurements you have put up on your website. I’m a fellow diyer with a keen interest in learning and understanding what makes it sound better. I have many questions to ask, can we talk on email?


  2. I am a Taiwanese English is not very good, but I have a Bose solo & Bose soundlink mini Klippel LPM LSI want to share with you ^-^

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